Should we have a Woodstock festival for going green?



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    We could but it’s not certain that the festival will get its measure across. For one, imagine people and artists coming in from all over the country and potentially the world on all sorts of transportation to a fairgrounds or field that has massive amounts of electricity that go on around the clock to support a concert and the amount of food and waste that would be created from the event. Sure, there are ways to cut back on some of the consumption but how much? Also, the two recent Woodstock concerts and the G8 concert (“Live 8”) showed that concerts on that kind of scale don’t have the same affect. I’m a musician and I play music for a living but I think we need to do what we can on a local level and then spread it regionally, nationally and then internationally but I don’t think a Woodstock-type festival will be the way at this juncture.

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