Should we have a Manhattan project for energy in the United States?



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    I don’t know specifically what you mean with this question. I don’t think we should be secretive about any new technologies we develop. We should set specific deadlines as a country to make renewable energy plants more efficient, however. In a sense, many areas around the world are trying to do that. Many cities are setting goals to make a certain amount of their needs met by using renewable sources of energy.

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    Perhaps you’re asking about nuclear energy…? Using the term “Manhattan Project” to describe a nuclear energy initiative isn’t precisely the most descriptive or tactful way to go about things (the Manhattan Project stirs up controversy, as it specifically refers to the development for nuclear weapons). But, if you are asking about a nuclear-based energy initiative in the United States, it certainly could be viable. We would, of course, have to get through the stigma of nuclear energy (even though coal and oil accidents are much more common and, arguably, more destructive, Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island stick out prominently in people’s minds). But there are many advantages to nuclear energy. Check out the links below for some pages discussing how nuclear energy could work in the US.

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    Although this question brings to mind one of the worst abuses of power in US history, I think I understand the spirit behind it, which is that alternative energy needs the kind of sustained, intensive, disciplined, concentrated push that characterized the Manhattan project, or the 1969 moon launch (a much less maligned comparison). The paradox in this question is that one of the virtues of an alternative energy structure is its diversified, decentralized, democratic appeal – qualities that, unlike the atomic bomb or men in space, aren’t very amenable to hulking, centralized, bureaucratic processes. But alternative energies will not grow to scale within the short time frame our steadily warming world needs them to grow without the forceful, NASA-like thrust of government (working in tandem with Big Business). 

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