Should we hang people that kill endangered species?



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    No.  There is significant evidence that the death penalty only causes more violence.

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    Also, although endangered species are important, I don’t believe that we should rank their lives as worth more than humans’. Let’s keep the killing to a minimum.

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    The question of the ethical use of capital punishment centers around the question if it is ever ‘morally just’ to deprive one of someone’s life. This debate over if we ever have the right to do so, or in what situations it constitutes a just punishment. However, if there exist considerable moral debate over the use of capital punishment for those convicted of murder, it would be much harder to justify it as punishment for killing endangered species.

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    Yes, I understand and agree with all of the anti-execution arguments, but this is the real world. Human instinct has not caught up with our technology, and it is only going to get worse. I know most poachers are natives trying to feed their families not directly with their kill but from selling parts of it on the black market. Screw their families, screw them one day humanity well either be gone or will have created a better more peaceful world, until then we have an obligation to preserve specie for future generations or to inherit the world when we take ourselves out, and for now I have no problem solving the problems in accordance with the brutal way this world works now. Take for instance the case in Ohio where a pissed off man released all of his exotic pets including many jungle cats, wolves, and bears, among the cats there were 18 Bengal tigers then killed himself. There were also animals such as mountain lions, grizzlies, and grey wolves which actually belong in that ecosystem. They caught a couple alive on the second day, but that first day the rednecks went on an endangered species hunt. The statistical risk they posed was very slim. Furthermore, the even if the life of a human is 1000x more valuable than an animal’s the lives of those tigers would still have been more valuable than a human. Killing 18 out of 4000 Bengal tigers is the equivalent of killing 31500000 humans! The man should not have been allowed to have them as pets in the first place, but he did, and legally I might add.

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