Should we get rid of old cars because they are bad for the environment?



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    Older cars are really nice collector’s items, so it would seem a shame to get rid of them, especially when the problem is not really with the car, but with the engines. I think the better solution would be to retrofit the older cars with newer, greener engines. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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    I don’t think the getting rid of old cars in necessarily going to benefit the environment.  The energy and resources used to make new cars (not to mention the pollution) causes environmental damage as well.  Some cars made during the fuel crisis of the 1970’s boasted a 40-50 mpg mark, which is ironically better than most cars made today.  From 1980-2000, the average mpg of a car only improved by 7 mpg.  Many new concept cars have the potential to leapfrog cars of the past but in the meantime, old cars can be recycled and reused for parts as they eventually die until we have the majority of production cars utilizing the potential of future technology.

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