Should we get our renewable elsewhere so we don’t have to use our energy to produce them?



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    The beauty if renewable energy is that we are not using up anything. There will always be wind and solar power and it is to our benefit to use the resources that are readily available and in abundance. Furthermore, electricity is always lost in transmission, whether you are transferring that electricity over power lines, through batteries, or other conversions. Some estimates put the power lost through transmission lines at 10%. The fewer steps we take to transmit energy, the more localized we make it, the more efficient it becomes.

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    Outsourcing the creation or harnessing of renewable energy does not negate the fact that some energy and resources need to be put into developing renewable energy infrastructure. It would be less efficient to do it this way because we would inevitably lose some energy in the transfer process. We as a country can’t think of ourselves as one isolated unit anymore. The whole world has to work together to find the right solutions. We can’t just push our problems onto other groups of people.

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