Should we focus more energy on human rights or on green causes?



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    These are two equally important causes that people should be working towards. We can’t move forward as a society without addressing both. What kind of world would it be if we were all eco-friendly but human rights violations went unaddressed? However, keep in mind that, although human rights and the green movement are two different things, often they can be addressed simultaneously. In fact, I feel that eco-friendliness seems to also promote humanitarianism, kindness, and fairness because of the sense of personal responsibility that the green movement endows us with.  For example, many organic clothing company’s pay poor farmer’s more than general clothing manufacturers in order to produce organic cotton for them. And, instead of focusing on making clothes faster and cheaper by using toxic chemicals to make cotton harvesting easier, and paying sweatshop workers pittance to create clothes, these companies engage in fair trade production. It appears that those who are environmentally conscientious, tend to be conscientious in general.

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