Should we do away with phone books altogether?



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    Phone books do have one notable advantage over online listings: they don’t consume electricity to refer to. So you can use them even if your power (or your ISP) is out, and doing so won’t affect your electric bill.

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    No.  I think phone books are very useful catalogues of information, particularly for those who lack regular internet access.  I’m sure there are better ways of conserving paper, such as encouraging recycling programs, increasing the amoung of hemp and non-tree fiber papers, and using double sided printing.

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    Obviously people will have differing opinions on the matter, but I believe we should get rid of phone books.  Even if there is no direct movement to abolish them,  they will probably die out on their own in the next decade or so.  Only people who do not have internet access or are unfamiliar with modern day computers would feel a need to continue printing these books, which are truly becoming obsolete and waste so much paper.  Perhaps at least having people pay a small fee or creating an opt-in system could at least cut down on the number of books printed.

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