Should we bring back captain planet cartoons?



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    I remember watching the Captain Planet series as a kid and enjoying the show, but never fully grasping the sustainability message. Nothing against the show, I just think I was too young to understand the message. Currently Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network use real people along with their cartoons to get the green message across. Overall I think using a real face goes farther than a bad-ass blue-faced recycle-maniac.

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    Yes!  Bring the show back! I understood the concepts.  It was a great show.  it was a great message for kids.  I know you can buy the show on DVD, if you really want it.  The intro theme alone is enough to bring back childhood memories.  I think Captain Planet is a big part of what made out generation have a grasp of environmentalism. 

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    Clearly. I’m not saying that the show couldn’t do with an update or two, but if they can bring back the Transformers and GI Joe series, which were solely created to sell toys, they can do anything. Perhaps a revamp of a show that taught kids to respect nature and to be aware of their carbon footprint would not go amiss in a world where an oil spill has been raging without cessation for over a month.

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    Captain Planet was amazing! I definitely understood the concepts, yet it’s delivery was catchy enough that I still remember the entire opening song, despite not having heard it in at least 15 years. I think it would be an excellent way to make sustainability popular amongst kids. Go planeteers?

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    Yes! I love Captain Planet. What a great cartoon. If Captain Planet were back on air, I would watch every episode!

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