Should we be focusing more on non CO2 pollutants than we are?



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    CO2 is just the popular rally to get people to care about environmentalism. It has been quite a fight to just get people to understand and care about CO2. If environmental organizations had more resources they could cover all of the pollutants and issues, but as it stands CO2 is the thing to rally behind.

    Methane is another big problem, along with particulate matter. But, focusing on CO2 is convenient because, usually, when some activity is emitting CO2 it is probably emitting other pollutants, and reducing CO2 pollution will reduce that pollutant as well.

    We should also be worried about toxic chemicals because the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) of 1974 does not adequately safeguard us against harm. Many toxic substances were grandfathered in under TSCA and are completely unregulated, also, many chemicals are not physically tested but are instead evaluated by models, lastly, chemicals are tested in isolated circumstances instead of how they will react in your body when interacting with the 200 (at least) other industrial chemicals in your body right now.

    A chemical under examination right now are called hormone inhibitors. These chemicals mimic the hormones in your body and cause your body to change in a way that you do not want it to.

    CO2 is a large problem right now, and by addressing it maybe later we will be able to address the whole problem of pollution.

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