Should we be focusing more on electric cars or public transit?



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    Both.  Mass transit is obviously way better.  You can get many people constantly using the same train or bus, and obviously (esspecially with the rails system) you can easily convert these things to solar and wind powered since they are already ran off of electricity.  

    However, we must accept the fact that this is America.  Not all people will use mass transit.  There will always be people who are too scared, or find it a hassle, or think they are “too good” for it.  Also, as just stated, this is America, so there is a deep-seeded obsession with cars.  So not everyone (at least in the near future) will go along with mass transit, so we have to have a sustainable option for those people. 

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    I feel it should be public transit because, simply enough, it is open to the entire public.  Not everyone can afford a car, but everyone should be able to use transit.  Many U.S. cities do not have adequate transit, and we trail major European cities by a great deal as they have high speed light rail transit and have a very easy system set up. Offering a transit system that is efficient, convenient, and useful would encourage many more people to use it.  I think more and more people are eager to look for ways to be greener, save energy, and save money.

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    Mass transit.  It is less expensive for people to use, and it also eliminates one of the worst aspects of “car culture”, which is the isolation and dissolution of community that results from the space that is necessary to have highways and the fact that people drive everywhere and do not commune with each other.

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