Should we ban the use of handbills as advertizing?



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    That would be great.  Mass marketing by distributing flyers on car windshields, door knobs and by handing them out to passers by on streets creates a lot of waste.  I would support a ban on handbills.

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    I think they have the potential to be successful, but they should be used more wisely if we continue using them.  A lot of them end up as waste when they are misdirected – aimed at the wrong target market.  For instance, some people hand them out to everyone they see, or like GreenBean mentioned on cars.  The best way to maximize the potential of this type of marketing is to make is specific, then you aren’t wasting so many resources on a useless cause.  Preferably, use biodegradable resources as well.

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    Absoluetly!  I find that anytime I am given handbills I end up recycling them before I even read it.  There are so many advertising techniques companies can do that handbills seem very outdated.  Advertising on the internet or tv seems much more productive because even if someone isn’t interested, they will still hear/read it just because the ad is on the screen.  Plus you don’t see distinguished companies using handbills to advertise so smaller companies should look to those businesses that have “made-it” and learn from their techniques.  

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