Should the United States keep minting commemorative quarters?



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    Environmentally speaking, no. To keep the same amount of coins in circulation, the US goes though about 28,000 tons of metal in 6 months. However the reason for constantly needing to mint new coins is the fact that we have a tendendcy to hoard coins…people with their “change jars”, all the coins in your ash tray in the car, means many coins are not in circulation.

    hoarding means the gov. thinks they need to mine more

    “For every ton of nickel or copper mined, 400-600 tonnes of waste material is produced. Many thousands of acres of landscapes and waterways have been ruined by the nickel and copper mining industry. Refining and smelting metals is also energy intensive and various environmental toxins are created in the process; for example, nickel sulfide (carcinogenic) and nickel carbonyl (extremely toxic gas).”

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