Should there be a massive movement to get public buses out to rural areas so people that live outside of city limits don’t have to drive as much?



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    There should be just a better public transportation system. I can say living in the suburbs of Washington DC that public transportation is not very reliable and rather expensive now so it deters people from using the system, even though it pollutes more if a single person is driving a car rather than having many on a bus. There should be a massive movement to better public transportation, so people will actually use the system and benefit the environment. 

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    Yes and no. Yes in that any form of public transportation is better (both economically and environmentally) than individual modes of petrol-based transportation. However it is not better or more efficent than a giant push for a railway system which would be faster, more efficient and ultimately last longer, thus making it a more solid choice for infrastructre, since it would also be easier to adapt to growing populations. A by-product of better public transportation would also be the ability for more people to worker in more diverse areas, strengthening local job markets since one would not be as bound by location in order to find work.

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