Should there be mandatory environmental classes in grade school?



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    My answer to this would be no. This would stem the scope of connections to the environment to only a class. What should happen is each and every classroom should be made aware of the connections, in that particular subject, to the environment. Teachers are creative enough and should be mindful enough to integrate environmental care, concern and wonder so that their grade school students are continually exposed (and not subjected). Realistically, school systems don’t have the budget to provide such classes while diminishing or eliminating other important courses of study.

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      You make a great point about the budget and integrating other subjects with the environment to show the connection. I do feel though that students would get a lot out of a class centered around the environment. I know that when I took my first environmental studies class in college it was awesome. I think that exposing them to the environment through a class like that shows some of the more complex and important issues that may be hard to cover in other classes.

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