Should Teflon be banned?



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    There is really no reason to ban Teflon. It has many advantages, including high durability, easy cleanup, and easier cooking. People have studied the effects of Teflon on people’s health, and the only threats it poses only occur at high temperatures. The only real disadvantage posed by Teflon is that it scratches easily.

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    Teflon as a type of cookware has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of teflon are primarily that it is a non-stick surface, this usually means the pans have less chance of food being burned and are easy to clean. This also means that less oil is needed to cook certain foods than other pans which means less fat and calories. However there is a known danger associated with teflon pans. When teflon pans are over-heated, 500-600 degrees Farenheit, they telon begins to break down and become volatile, meaning it vaporises into the air. Inhalation of this teflon vapor can cause flu-like symptoms and should be avoided. Also these fumes have been known to quickly kill pet birds. The symptoms will usually dissappear when inhalation stops for humans, and long-term health effects are non-exsistent or unknown. Teflon scratches easily and there have been rumors that ingestion of the flakes causes adverse health effects. However this has not been proven with studies and is denied by the FDA. The first citation includes a pros and cons list of different cookware to help make a personal choice in healthy cooking.

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    I can’t believe what I’m hearing here! All any of you are concerned with is its use as scratch-resistent cookware or whether it will harm a bird or a plant? Have none of you bothered to look into the production of this stuff? It’s HIGHLY toxic! They’re only just now starting to realize how toxic, but it’s linked to lung, urinary, heart and blood disorders as well as cancer. Also, heat degrades Teflon into Perfluoroisobutene (PFIB) which is included in Schedule 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Sound harmless to you? Well, it doesn’t to me. Once upon a time, they thought Benzene and Toluene were just harmless little chemicals, then people like my father started developing nasty little health problems like A-Plastic anemia from handling it. Be honest, you two: you work for DuPont, don’t you? If not them, then someone else associated with Teflon. Wow. So much for the “green” generation.

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