Should teachers have to eat school lunches every day?



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    Although it may seem like it would be fair for teachers to have to eat (gross) school lunches, I do not think they should have to. Teachers are already underpaid and overworked, their budgets are constantly being lowered and they have to find new ways to stretch the resources they have. In addition, teachers do not have a say in the food that is served for school lunches, so if they had to eat them it would not result in any changes in the contents of a school lunch. Teachers are the most important profession, in my opinion, because they lead our youth into being functional, responsible members of society. 

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    I don’t think anyone should *have* to eat school lunches.  Everyone should have the option of bringing their own if they want to.  However, I do believe that school lunches should be nutritious and affordable.  That way, it’s convenient but doesn’t compromise health.

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