Should teachers and daycare workers be required to receive flu vaccinations?



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    I believe that vaccinations should always be a personal choice. Many people in the country have begun educating themselves on vaccines and are beginning to form their own opinion regarding the safety of vaccines. Although vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory, teachers could always have the flu vaccine available to them and that way, they could get it if they wanted.

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    Teachers are among the highest risk, seeing on average 58 people per day. However, they do not come in the closest contact with people like servers, waiters and bar staff are known to. Because teachers are at a very high risk, they may want to consider getting vaccines. However, people who are in contact with a lot of people every day tend to have very good immune systems, so they may prefer to just fight it off if they do contract the flue. I personally think that only sick people, elderly and pregnant people should get vaccines. It is important to keep your immune system strong, and getting vaccines weakens it. 

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