Should rich nations be responsible for developing nations switch to renewable energies?



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    Some people would say that this is the only fair resolution of the dispute between the developed and developing countries. To these people the call from developed countries to limit greenhouse emissions is hypocritical because they have had over a century to benefit from the use of high carbon emitting technologies to reach their current level of development (and in doing so have polluted and exploited large swaths of the developing world, to boot).

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    This is a powerful idea that strikes the very heart of the green movement. While more developed countries have considerable work to do to become more eco-friendly, it is the currently developing nations which need the most help to transition from cheaper, pollutive methods of production and living to ways that will help to sustain the environment. Developing nations usually do not possess the financial and technological resources to streamline their respective green movements. Thus, if our environment worsens to the point where direct action is necessary, I believe that more developed nations will see helping underdeveloped nations as a integral part of the solution and will follow suit. However, as long as national interests dominate politics and our effect on the environment is not threatening to our very survival, it is very unlikely that significant resources will be dedicated to help developing nations go green. Should they help? Of course. Is it likely to happen soon? That depends on how important taking care of our environment becomes to us.

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    The reality is, developed countries are at an advantage when it comes to making use of renewable energy. Though switching to renewable energy poses as a great investment for the future in terms of money and the environment, there is no doubt that it can be quite costly. Fortunately, developed countries have enough funds for this. Just because developing countries don’t have the means to make that switch to renewable energy right away doesn’t mean that they have no interest in it either. It’s probably not that developed countries are directly responsible for convincing developing countries to switch to renewable energy, because the decision is ultimately up to the leaders of developing nations. However, developed countries such as the US should certainly work hand in hand with developing countries such as Asia to help make this a better place for all of us to live in. Developing countries have also conducted a lot of research on renewable energy. Maybe with the help of developed nations they can translate things into reality.

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