Should rich nations be required to spend more on climate change?



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    In terms of fairness, yes, they should. Rich nations not only have the additional monetary means to spend more, but also caused much of the problem through their industrialization and continued consumption. On most levels it simply makes more sense.

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    The nations around the world should get together to team up on climate change. Depending on the wealth of the country, each one could contribute a different amount towards green initiatives. Also, countries that contribute more CO2 emissions and other harmful outputs, should be required to spend a larger amount.

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    Countries that have available financial resources should be spending more to reduce climate change because it affects everyone on this planet. Climate change knows no borders, sees no boundaries; it impacts the entire planet and all organisms that reside on the planet. Countries should also actively work together and share their renewable energy technologies so that more renewable energy facilities can be implemented all over the world.

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