Should restaurants be required to post whether or not they use local organic products?



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    Should they? Morally, yes. Will they ever be required? Probably not.

    But you can read through the lines with this issue — if a restaurant goes through the trouble of partnering with local farms/coops and paying premium prices for their products, you will absolutely know that they will advertise this extra service on either their menu or other places in their restaurant’s dining room. Their menu prices will most probably be more expensive because of this venture. If you go to a restaurant and no mentioning is made of specific or general ingredients being from local farms, then there is a very slim chance it is locally produced.

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    No. But if they do, I bet they WILL tell you as a selling point.

    I don’t believe that we should regulate everything. It’s just a matter of picking our battles. The organic and local market is self propelling, it is desirable and creates a market for itself through our desire.

    I do think restaurants should be required to charge you for a take-out container (to encourage people to bring their own) and use only compostable containers.

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    I think that it would be nice to know, but you’ll probably only hear about it if they definitely do.  Buying local has become not so much a practical decision as it is a decision for the environment.  As a result, the two are associated with each other.  Therefore, a restaurant that is more eco-friendly will probably be likely to advertise the fact that they use locally grown, organic products.  A company that does not would probably not highlight so that they don’t lose potential business.

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