Should recycling be implement nationwide?



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    I would have to agree with the intentions of the EPA. Yes, Recycling needs to be implemented nationwide and not only implemented, but improved. I am thankful for the abundance of this country, but with excess comes waste, lots and lots of waste and in no way do I believe it is efficiently handled. The Resource Conservation Challenge eloquently states:

    “Although Americans continue to reiterate our belief in the value of recycling, our recycling efforts seem to be leveling off, right when we need to do more. Recycling has environmental benefits at every stage in the life cycle of a consumer product—from the raw material that it’s made with, to the final method of disposal. Think about all the material value and the energy that we simply lose when we throw away products. When you discard a product, like an aluminum can, you lose the material outright. For example, it takes 530,000 BTUs to put 1 ton of aluminum cans in a landfill. Recycling that same ton of aluminum saves that half million BTUs, which is equivalent to nearly 1,500 gallons of gas. So, you can see recycling not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also conserves energy and natural resources.

    The main goal of the Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) is to change the way Americans think about waste—to see the value of a used material as a product or commodity, not a waste. We want you to realize your impact on the environment before you act—whether you’re reading today’s newspaper, eating lunch, grabbing a bottle of water, or mailing a package. All the materials we use, and actions we take, in our daily lives affect our environment. By committing ourselves to reduce more waste, to reuse and recycle more materials, to buy more recycled and recyclable products, and to reduce toxic chemicals in products and waste, we conserve energy and preserve natural resources. To this end, the RCC relies on voluntary partnerships to promote and encourage the reuse and recycling of materials. Our partners are getting positive economic rewards and environmental results that are moving us toward our 35 percent national recycling goal.”

    Check out the link in the citation for more recycling information, ways to improve, and statistics on the effectiveness and range of recycling. 

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