Should the rangers in national parks in Africa have better training?



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    There is an organization called the Game Rangers Association of Africa that is dedicated to applying best practice management principles in conserving Africa`s natural resources in a professional and ethical manner.

    This organization provides best practices for training rangers who work in National Reserves throughout Africa. African rangers are trained well the problems is that in some areas civil unrest and civil war have made it difficult to patrol certain areas do to rebels. There is also a need for more rangers to protect Africas natural resources. An increase in protrection would decrease poaching and habitat distruction.

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    They could use more than that, including more money, clothing, something to protect the animals with, etc.

    National Geographic Adventure recently published a very interesting article on Bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it provided some valuable insight into the conditions that many park rangers face. A very amazing researcher that studied the Bonobos provided the park guards with clothes, hats, glasses, shoes, etc., with money from grants, her husband’s retirement, and small fundraisers. These men only make $3 a month, and are expected to defend wildlife from poachers, who are likely to have little fear of un-prepared gentlemen.

    This is, of course, one example, but it is not something unfamiliar to many other countries in Africa. Although more training for park guards would be ideal, the greater concern, I think, is actually providing them with the resources they need to stop poaching. This could include providing more people for enforcement, or better tracking the animals. Regardless, training is only one issue in the grand scheme of things, and not likely the most important when limiting poaching.

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