Should punishments for littering be harsher?



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    Yes. Littering is a crime and needs to be punished. Littering is a choice made by an individual and is an easily avoidable situation. The consequences of littering is also high and the long term costs in cleaning and on the environment are high enough to warrant harsher punishments for littering.

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    Yes, littering should be offered more harsher punishments. If people are to take taking care of the environment and the community more seriously these rules and regulations need to be enforced more readily. In Switzerland, they charge you on the amount of trash that you throw away. Thus, if you have leftover trash that you cannot recycle, you will be charged for what you cannot recycle. This may be a little extreme, but the point is that if anti littering and recycling was more adequately enforced, it could make a huge impact on how people impact the environment by their actions.

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    I agree.  It’s an easy way to collect money that should go towards helping the environment.  And I would go further and say that after a certain amount of trash, that we are taxed.  This would push people to be more efficient, and use fewer unnecessary products.

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