Should poor nations care more about climate change because they would be the most effected?



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    Not necessarily, it depends on where the country is located, whether it is land locked or an island nation is a big factor. For example, Afghanistan is one of the poorest nations in the world, it has no economy to speak of and exists in anarchy. It also is a landlocked nation, and mountainous in many regions, the land already has little value. There is no risk of flooding in Afghanistan, and if anything the land might get more valuable with a better climate. Another example of a very poor nation is Guinea-Bissau, which is right on the ocean. For comparison, Afghanistan’s lowest point is just 50 meters lower than Guinea-Bissau’s HIGHEST point. If the ice caps were to melt, Guinea has much more to worry about than Afghanistan, though both are equally poor.

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    While it’s true that on average, poorer nations will be affected more immediately and more intensely by climate change, this does not mean that EVERY poor country will be affected. A more useful distinction is of course those countries that will be most affected by climate change versus those countries that will be least affected. However, I would argue that we should all care about doing everything we can to stop climate change. We are all citizens of the world, and we should care about everyone in it, not just those of our own country. Additionally, climate change is an inherently global problem, and we all contribute to it. We should all take responsibility for our actions.

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