Should people on food stamps be allowed to spend their benefits on junk or prepared foods?



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    Yes.  Why not?  This country guarantees people the right to life, liberty, and happiness, and if we police people’s shopping carts, we don’t get any closer to that goal.  Who are we to say that someone on food stamps doesn’t deserve a candy bar?  Sure, you can argue that the taxpayer is paying for it, but I don’t pay for people to be bossed around–I pay for them to have choices, and to have the same opportunities as those who are in better circumstances.  And ultimately, if this is about doing “the right thing” with a handout, what’s the difference between someone who is living off their parents and someone who is living off welfare?  Why should the person who had the good luck to be born with rich parents get to choose what they want, and the person who was born into different circumstances given even more limitations?  In addition, the reason people on food stamps buy so much junk food and prepared food is because it’s cheaper than buying healthy food–it uses up less of their food stamp dollars–and because they’re often working so much they don’t have the time or energy to prepare nutritious meals.  I support giving people more food stamps so they can afford healthy food, which will keep medical costs down, and, in addition, giving folks vouchers that they can use at farmer’s markets, which would also benefit local farmers.

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