Should people rent bikes or would they just be better of buying a bike?



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    From a conservation of materials perspective, It would be better to rent – as fewer bikes could support the needs of more people. However, depending on how often an individual uses the bike, It may be more cost effective to buy.

    Regardless, bike rental programs are great, as they allow access to cheap and environmentally responsible transportation to the masses.

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    Renting a bike is more environmentally responsible than buying a new bike. So this is your best bet if you’re just a light rider.

    For people who ride bikes more often, renting isn’t really very convenient and it can become costly. In this case, it is 100% environmentally responsible to buy a USED bike, because you’re not consuming a newly manufactured product.

    Craigslist is loaded with all kinds of used bikes for sale for every kind of rider.

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