Should people be taxed if they buy a car that gets crappy gas mileage?



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    Companies that make cars that don’t meet the federal requirement of 22.5 mpg already have to pay a so-called “Gas Guzzler” tax, and individuals that buy such cars have to bear the burden of increased cost per distance. Although such a tax on individuals that purchase low fuel conomy cars would further incentivize against buying such cars, I think its debatable whether such a tax would be helpful given the incentives already in place. A regulation simply outlawing cars with crappy fuel economy follows from the same goals (changing behavior) and would be more effective.

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    I agree with dtsang.  There’s really no point in adding what people who cars with high gas mileage will already be paying due to extra gas, etc.  In addition to the “Gas Guzzler” tax, we tax gasoline quite a bit in order to support road repairs and various other things. 

    Also, some people’s jobs depend on cars that get pretty low gas mileage.  Some independent contractors have to buy large trucks in order to haul materials and pull trailers.  So, it would be hard on those people if we added a tax to their main source of transportation to support their jobs.

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