Should people be held accountable for personal consumption?



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    Yes, they should. Much of my answer to this question:

    Applies here as well… If we don’t hold individuals responsible for their actions, who is liable? It is certainly not the governments fault, or my place of employment’s, or my family’s, etc., that I make the decisions that I do, and thus, I should be held accountable for both my wise decisions and my poor ones.

    In terms of externalities, I think people should be held accountable there as well. In researching yet another question for GreenAnswers, I came across several sources stating that Obama’s clean vehicle plan will require people pay an extra amount per vehicle as time goes on (around $1300). Personally, I feel like this is a very fair price for alleviating some of the environmental pressures of vehicles, yet several people were stating how ridiculous this is, and how people shouldn’t have to pay for that. I don’t understand why, since clearly we have been living our lives unchecked for hundreds of years. It’s about time we started paying for our actions, I say.

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