Should overpopulated states like California limit the number of new people that can move there?



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    It is a lot to ask a state to limit the number of people that come especially in a country like America which is founded on immigration.  It would be less controversial to focus on smart growth instead.  City and suburban planning need to take in account these growing populations.  The infrastructure needs to be updated and maintained properly as well to keep these overpopulated places sustainable.   

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    The state should not, and cannot limit the number of people coming in.  States cannot be isolated and doing so would not be an effective means to combat overpopulation. It is not so much the number of people that is a problem, it is more a problem of how these people interact with their environment, and how the city responds to the public. Excellent public transit, gardens and parks, and clean air initiatives are required for a healthy city with a large population.

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