Should oil companies be able to drill in rainforests?



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    I’d hate to see it.  Oil companies have disasters all over, it would be great if they would use the billions in profits they are raking in from us to figure out alternative fuels…lets leave the rainforest for the animals.

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    No they should not. Oil extraction in rainforests is responsible fore deforestation, degradation, and destruction of rainforest. Toxic drilling by-products are discharged into local rivers and the construction of roads leads to habitat fragmentation. Check out the link for more information.   

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    I absolutely do not think that oil companies should be able to drill in rainforests. An example of this going bad is when the company Texaco, which is now Chevron, tried drilling for oil in the northern region of the Ecuadorian Amazon Forest, which is known as the “Oriente.” Due to bad decisions on their part, that part of the forest has been going through an “environmental catastophe” called “Rainforest Chernobyl” which basically refers to the extreme pollution and toxins caused by the oil drilling. As you can see, letting oil companies drill in rainforests does not result in anything good for the environment. 

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    No, it’s pretty bad for the rainforests, and the environment in general. Just look at the damage caused by the recent incidents with oil that BP caused in the Gulf of Mexico. Up to 1992, Texaco accidentally spilled 17 million gallons from its pipelines and dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic waste into the rainforest. Deforestation was also a result of oil drilling in the forest. This contaminated 1700 miles of rainforest in Ecuador.

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    No…oil companies shoudl get over oil and start make a full switch to something else.  Destroying rainforest more oil would be absolutely ridiculous and infuriating. There’s no NEED for it.

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