Should more people learn how to garden and why?



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    There are a lot of benefits to learning how to garden.  Aside from the fact that it can save you money and will provide you with some of the most fresh and healthy food you will ever eat, it also instills a sense of pride and offers a connection to nature.  Watching your plants grow and carefully caring for them is a good feeling.  Also, if you grow flowers, you can add beauty to your life.  For these reasons and more, I think it is a good idea that more people should learn how to garden.

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    In addition to some of the physical benefits of gardening, studies have shown gardening can be helpful in relieving stress.  Along with the physical activity involved in digging, weeding and planting, there is a personal investment in the labor, which can reap rich rewards.  The Japanese Buddhists were known for their Zen gardens, which were used for meditation and relaxation.  This concept can be applied to Western philosophies as well.

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    Absolutely. Time and living situations may hinder people, but spending time outdoors, working with nature, and developing a green thumb have proven to improve mental and spiritual health. Those who spend time relaxing and working in nature are more apt to respect nature, and more likely to encourage environmental awareness and influence others.

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