Should more homes be powered by onshore or offshore wind?



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    Why not both!? Homes should be powered by the wind generators which function better because the wind is stronger. Offshore wind farms would be harder to maintain (and more prone to get hit by a Hurricane) but if there is more prevailing wind offshore than these will be able to produce more power and usable electricity than a comparable wind farm that operates onshore (with less wind). Also, no one really uses the space we have offshore—boats can navigate their way around wind turbines just like they are buoys, and it’s not like anyone is going to try to build a house out there on the water (any time soon, at least, we’ll see how badly real estate prices will inflate in 50 years when there is no where left to build!) — so I’d learn toward building more offshore. Also, you could build a tidal (or water current powered) energy generation facility which could tie into the grid at the same time.

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