Should mining be stoped?

Any kinds of mining. For Example: coal mining, gold mining, minerals mining etc.



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    That’s very difficult question to answer with any authority. Certainly mining (of all kinds) is harmful to the environment, and stricter regulation by the EPA of mining practices would be a boon to the environment. In the midst of an unemployment (and energy) crisis, however, stopping all mining now would mean losing thousands of jobs and removing our most common source of energy: coal. 

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    Almost anything that cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created artificially in a laboratory or factory is usually mined, so from that perspective, mining provides us with many things we wouldn’t have in any other way.  However, it is extracting non-renewable resources (such as minerals, precious metals, diamonds, petroleum, natural gase, water).  Many people have seen or heard of stip mining and mountaintop removal – these are just two of the many different ways that we use to mine different materials.  So mining has a negative impact on the environment as well as being a dangerous enterprise for those involved in day-to-day operations.  There are as many as 560,000 abandoned mines in the United States alone which are dangerous for other reasons – people have fallen in, some try to explore them without proper knowledge or safety, some lack adequate oxygen, or contain deadly gases or have contain standing water of unknown depth.

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    If no mining took place, there would be no gypsum to make sheet rock for house walls, no glass for windows, no copper for pipes. There would be no cars. There would be no computers, there would be no wires to transmit electricity, there would be no fertilizer to make plants grow to feed people. There would be no cell phones, no televisions, no medical scanning devices. There would be no plates and knives. There would be no eyeglasses, no radio, no paper (which takes much more than trees). There would be no batteries, almost no electricity, almost no fuel for heating, no — well, you get the idea.

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    Well, mountaintop mining should be, but mining in general…no. With the rise of alternative fuels, maybe we will see less coal mining in the future.

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