Should the minimum drinking age be abolished?



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    In America, underage drinking is a problem whereas in other European countries, people have been consuming alcohol long before they are even able to drive. I personally believe lowering the age to legally drink would benefit the American society, but I don’t think abolishing it in its entirety would help in a positive light. Teenagers are just more likely to rebel against the norm – that’s why teenagers here are more attracted to alcohol consumption. However, abolishing the minimum drinking age altogether can endorse irresponsibility, as teenagers are still not full grown adults, and they need some kind of structure and guidance. 

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    Yes, I definitely think so.  There might be abuse in the short term, but long term, lowering the drinking age would be very beneficial.  Most teenagers overindulge on alcohol because it is “forbidden” and wrong in the eyes of society.  It fulfills their natural urge to rebel.  However, if alcohol isn’t demonized their entire lives and they are surrounded by responsible drinking from birth, kids won’t feel the need to abuse alcohol.  There will always be abuse by all ages, but still agree with lowering the drinking age in America. 

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    I think so. The minimum age limit is not effectively enforced and it clearly isn’t preventing most young adults from drinking. Instead, it is forcing young adults to be secretive about their drinking, which keeps young adults and their families from having honest conversations about drinking. With the abolishment of the minimum age, though, should be an increase in alcohol education, however.

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