Should libraries start offering all books online?



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    In my opinion I think you should be able to choose between books online and books in the library. I’m not saying get rid of all the books in the library just have the option available to get it online.

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    I think that online books vs. hard copy books should be a choice. I still think having a hard copy publication is better, but an electronic copy would be environmentally friendly. Publications need to become printed on recycled materials.

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    I don’t think that readers should be forced to access books online, instead it should be a choice.  It would be very convenient though if instead of having to go to the library to check-out a book, I could just get what I needed from it online.  Still though, there are times that it is easier to have a physical book, and people would probably be unhappy if they didn’t have the option to go to a library.

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