Should the leaked climate emails be made public?



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    They have already been released.

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    Sure, if it’s legitimate.  Truth will always find a way to surface, and it should.  However, in reading them I really have to question whether they were real or fabricated. There’s a lot of debate stirring around the issue of global warming and climate change, and a lot of people are trying to perpetuate their standpoint.  Information shouldn’t be held back, but it should be thoroughly examined before deciding one’s own opinion.

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    They have already been released, but they should have anyways. Freedom of press. Why stop the media from do what they do best? If these emails were limited than we would be living in an international dictatorship. 

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    If you’re talking about emails sent by officials in the federal government, or those sent between major corporate execs, and if the content of those emails effects the well-being of us all and the environment we share, then I for one am grateful for their leakage. A dirty secret is no good.

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    They have already been released, but I believe that they, and any other legitimate climate emails in the future, should be released. One could argue that email is private, but these are emails concerning the public. All of us, not just federal officials and scientists, are affected by climate change, and so, we deserve to know the truth.

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