Should kids be allowed to drink energy drinks?



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    Pediatricians posit that children should never consume energy drinks, and the priority should be on water. The recommendation is for children to “drink water during and after exercise, and to have the recommended intake of juice and low-fat milk with meals.” Some children – and their parents – do not recognize that energy drinks are not appropriate for “refueling” the body after exercise, but contain unnecessary concentrations of caffeine and stimulants.

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    Children should be able to get their necessary hydration by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water.  Vitamin waters and energy drinks can be very high in sugar, artificial flavoring and caffeine leading to increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat in children.  Additionally many of these drinks contain herbal ingredients, such as, guarana and taurine and the effects of such supplements have not been studied in children.

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    While there can be disproportionate amounts of caffeine and other minerals/chemicals in energy drinks, there typically isn’t any controlled substance (such as alcohol, nicotine, etc.) in energy drinks, so it’d be difficult to restrict them from children. Children will probably react more intensely to energy drinks than adults, so I wouldn’t say they are health for kids. 

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