Should it be mandatory to have more than two people in the car to drive an SUV?



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    Is see your point but that would NEVER happen. That’s a severe encroachment on personal liberties and there are people who only have an SUV for an automobile and you can’t expect them to buy a second car for personal use for when two or less people are in the car. You can only hope that more consumers stay away from SUVs with rising gas prices and environmental impact or that fuel is developed and mass produced that has no impact on the environment.

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    I don’t see how this law would be enforceable and I think it would be unfair. People with large families or who regularly transport large loads need larger vehicles — what are they supposed to do if they need to run to the store during the day when the kids are at school, etc? Should they keep a separate, smaller car at home when they need to drive on their own? That seems like it might be worse for the environment in the long run, requiring greater manufacturing of cars in general, and at the least it would be unaffordable for many people. I think it would be better to require stricter fuel efficiency standards and lower emissions for new SUVs — that puts the burden on manufacturers for producing such environmentally unfriendly vehicles rather than punishing ordinary people who may have good reasons for their particular choice in vehicle.

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    You will likely never see a mandatory requirement like this, because it seriously infringes on the freedom of car buyers to use their cars as they want. It might seem wasteful to see individuals driving in large SUVs, but some of those SUVs have fuel economy that is on par with large passenger cars. Imagine how you might feel if you just invested $40,000 in a vehicle only to be told by the government a year later that you’re not allowed to use it except in a carpool.

    Rather than restricting use of single-occupancy vehicles, we may see more incentives to choose to carpool. Some cities like San Francisco have extensive carpool lanes, which can only be used by vehicles with 2 or more people during rush hour. These lanes have far less traffic, so it really is an incentive for people to carpool.

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