Should it be illegal to own more than a few pairs of shoes?



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    Simply put, no. Men may wonder why this isn’t done when some women harbor huge, and sometime unused, collections of footwear. However, this unbridled consumption by many women is a boon to our ecomony, as well as other nations – many in the developing world (i.e. Bangledesh). Many shoe companies are working towards more sustainable practices to reduce the carbon footprint of footwear production. (No pun intended.)

    It may be more economical or thrifty on a household scale to limit shoe concumption. There are, however, products which have much greater environmental and social cost which should be made illegal before shoes, in my opinion. Such as TVs.

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    Absolutely not.  This is not something the government should interfere with.  Everyone has the right to live their own life with whatever products and interests they want.  The government needs to deal with getting countries in accordance with a climate deal, capping emissions, taxing corporate polluters, and dealing with climate debt.  It is up to individuals to choose whether or not they want to consume products and how they spend their money and efforts.

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    Definitely no.  This would be an extreme invasion of privacy. Many people feel that the government already has far too much control over their lives, and this would not help at all.  There’s no way for the government to regulate people’s choices on every level.  We can encourage others to not be so materialistic, but we cannot stop consumerism completely. 

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    Well i’ll be the odd one of the bunch and say Yes

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