Should the income for teachers be higher than it is?



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    I think teachers are a very underrated and important job group in America. They are responsible for helping guide our youth in the right direction so they can grow up and be contributing citizens in society. The problem is there is not a lot of money in education, and in order for salaries to increase people would most likely have to deal with higher taxes. People do sometime forget though, many teachers get 2 or 3 months off with summer and winter breaks.

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    Absolutely!  There are even a few pilot programs to pay teachers $125,000 a year, like this school in NYC:

    One teacher applying for work there said, “I’m tired of making decisions about whether or not I can afford to go to a movie on a Friday night when I work literally 55 hours a week,” Ms. Taylor said. “It’s very frustrating. I’m feeling like I either have to leave New York City or leave teaching, because I don’t want to have a roommate at 30 years old.”

    Teachers who can afford to reward themselves, to take vacations, and to eat balanced diets (rather than just what’s cheapest) are better refreshed and better able to teach.  In addition, a lot of folks feel that having a low salary is fair, considering the amount of time that teachers have off.  However, what those people don’t realize is that teachers work every week–when they’re not teaching, they’re planning and organizing.  Here’s an article about the myth of a summer vacation:

    Ultimately, I know that this is true, because my friends who are teachers all have second jobs.  So many people are working outside jobs just so they can afford to be a teacher.  If we value our children, don’t we want to give the people who spend all day with them the best opportunities, as well?

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    Certainly – believe it or not, some countries actually spend a larger portion of their budgets on education than on defense. For example, as of last year, Thailand spent 28% of its budget on education versus 7% on the military. From the same source (, I found that Mexico spent 24% on education and only 3% on its military. According to UNICEF, between 2005-08, Mexico had a 93% literacy rate and Thailand’s was 94%!  

    Furthermore, according to one source, as of last year, the most educated (in terms of literacy) populations in the world did not include the US. The top ten were listed as Vatican City, Andorra, Finland, Greenland, Georgia, Norway, Luxemborg, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland.

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    Definitely! I think teachers are some of the most underappreciated people in the world, besides parents. In my opinion, teacher’s influence in a person’s life is so significant and important that there is no measure for it. without my teachers, i don’t think i will be where I am today. For example: my environmental science teacher and biology teacher in high school not only gave me knowledge about the natural world, but also inspired me to study it in college and devote my life and career to environmental protection. they didn’t teach just to put food on the table or have a steady job. they taught because they love the subject and want their students to appreciate and know more about the subject too. they introduced me to a whole new world and i am forever grateful to be a student of them. Teachers definitely need to be rewarded more financially for what they do. They contribute a lot to society, moreso than some people who make many times more than they do and all they do is reap profits at the expense of others. if teachers make more money, I am sure they will be able to be more motivated and have better resources to teach. I would like to be a teacher someday, maybe as a lecturer or tutor because I want to continue on what my teachers have accomplished. 

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