Should I wait for my old lightbulbs to burn out before replacing them with CFLs?



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    The lights that you use most often should be switched to CFLs but the lights that you use occasionally, you can wait until they burn out. For the most part, it is more environmentally friendly to throw away an incandescent and use a CFL but it is hard to throw away something that isn’t broken.

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    I would say it is better to just wait for a light bulb to burn out, even if that light bulb is the less environmentally friendly option. If a bulb is already in use, you might as well just finish it out. 

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    That may depend on how long you think the light bulb will last.  Just for amusement sake, I am going to briefly give you a story about the longest lit light bulb in history.  The livermore fire station has the longest, nearly continuously lit light bulb at 109 years this year (2010).  In this case, it whould have benefited the fire department in energy savings to change the bulb rather than waiting for it to burn out, but who wants to stop history making.  Check out more facts about this and the second runner up at

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