Should I use a Teflon pan after it gets scratched?



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    This is a highly controversial topic, but a majority of the evidence we have currently suggests that using scratched Teflon should be fine: the only real risk is that the non-stick quality will have worn off, which a lining of oil or grease should fix. There are rumors that consuming tiny flakes of the fluropolymers can be highly toxic, but the chemical is actually inert in the human body. On the other hand, Teflon products seem to contain chemicals that are supposed to be removed during the manufacturing process. What is confirmed is the problem that can be caused by overheating Teflon; it should not be heated over 300 degrees Farenheit, or it could cause illness in small animals or possibly even people.

    I’ve given links to two articles: one saying that scratched Teflon is fine, the other citing possible carcinogens in the material and the fact that heating scratched Teflon has been shown to kill birds. It seems we still don’t have a definitive answer.

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