Should I use paper towels or dish towels?



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    Not green: Paper—Virgin Fiber, Chlorine Bleached
    Greenish: Paper—Partially Recycled, Alternative Bleaching

    Green: Paper—Totally Chlorine Free, 100 Percent Recycled

    Greener: Cloth—Cotton

    Greenest: Cloth—Recycled and/or Hemp, Linen or Organic Cotton

    Dishtowel Green Tips
    Only wash when soiled.
    Designate a place to store “in-use” napkins and use the same one until it is dirty.
    If you have a large family, designate a napkin ring for each member to identify their napkin between meals.
    Toss dirty napkins and dish towels in with other laundry.
    Use eco-friendly laundry detergent.
    Wash with cold water and line dry when weather permits.

    For tips on using paper towels most greenly, check out:

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