Should I shred all the paper waste at my office?



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    The only thing that needs to be shredded in an office is confidential information. Anything with people’s personal information or contact information should be shredded. Day to day paper waste can be recycled or reused within the office.

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    Like the previous person stated, the only papers that really need to be shredded are those with personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, etc.

    If you would like to start a shredding and recycling program within your office, there are companies that will do that for you. Iron Mountain is one of the companies that will do this for you. Not only do these shredding services protect your customers, but they recycle the paper, which is good for the environment! 🙂

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    No, most paper documents are blank on one side (those that are not can be shredded, though it isn’t necessary, recycling is enough–unless the information is confidential). I work for a conservation organization and we all try to re-use the blank second sides. Many of us use them for meeting notes. We also recycle envelopes of all kinds by using them for in-house mailings: we address them for the dept destination, and when it has been received, the dept address gets scratched out and the envelope is ready for another delivery.

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