should I separate aluminum foil and aluminum cans?



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    If you’re asking whether you should separate them in the recycling, the answer is no. Aluminum foil can be recycled along with your aluminum cans. Just make sure you clean the foil first, and wash out the cans, so that recycling centers don’t reject them. Aluminum is a really good thing to recycle for two reasons:

    1) It’s 100% recyclable and new cans can be made from recycled aluminum. This is not the case with plastic, which degrades in quality when it is recycled and is usually turned into plastic textiles that cannot be recycled, while plastic bottles are either made from completely unrecycled plastic or a tiny percentage of recycled plastic. 

    2) Mining for bauxite (which is used to create aluminum) is energetically expensive, and making products from recycling aluminum uses a fraction of the energy used to produce aluminum projects from bauxite.

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