Should I put Tetra Cartons in the plastic or cardboard recycling bin?



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    Put the tetra cartons in the cardboard recycling bin, as they are recycled in the same fashion as are paper products.

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    Tetrahedral packages otherwise known as
    “tetrapaks are rolls of printed paperboard laminated with polythene on the outside and with foil and polythene on the inside”. ( Because Tetrapak cartons are mostly made with paperboard the majority of it is recycled into cardboard boxes, paper and tissues. The remaining recycled mix of plastic and aluminium is used to make furniture or its separated to make aluminium and parrafin.  Their composition has made them difficult to recycle in the past. Although recycling Tetrapaks is possible the process has been awkward and not many places recycle them. Talk to your local recycling coordinator to find out whether your community recycles tetrapaks.

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