Should I put food coloring in my hummingbird feeders?



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    It will definately attract the birds, but if anything you should add the coloring somewhere away from the hummingbird food but still on the feeder. This way, if it does cause side effects, the bird will still be attracted to the feeder but not drink the dye. A hummingbird feeder at the San Diego Zoo stated that the dye always caused the bird’s dropping to turn black because of the concentrated dye in such a small body. If it does cause side effects, think of the damage the coloring is causing.

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    Please do not put red dye in your hummingbird feeder. This dye could potentially harm the birds. It is true that hummingbirds are attracted to red. So you can hang red ribbons on youir feeders to iniatially attract the birds.Once they become familiar with the feeders they will return year after year. The dye is unnecessary.

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    We feed hummingbirds all the time in the backyard and there’s literally no need to add dye to the nectar. The vast majority of hummingbird feeders (the actual feeder) are red and/or yellow anyway, and that’s what attracts them. The appearance of the nectar itself couldn’t be less relevant – as long as there’s sugar water, it’s perfect.

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