Should i get a tote bag or backpack for high school?

Can you give me sites with cute bags??



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    I would recommend using a backback for high school. That’s what I did. The two straps give good support for your back and everything fits in securely. You won’t have to worry about things falling out. A tote puts all the pressure onto one shoulder. If you carry a lot of books, this will become a problem. Plus, they’re fairly open, so if it falls, your books may slide out. However, if your load is not heavy, and your heart’s set on a tote, by all means go for it. I would recommend using one that has secure pockets and possibly a zipper so you can easily store pens/pencils/etc and your things won’t fall out. 


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    I would suggest you to go with backpack. Backpacks are easier to carry and hold lot of space to carry school stuff. There are numerous sites which provide you good backpacks collection. But my personal is Bergman Luggage. I purchased backpack by Briggs & Riley luggage from their portal which has proven to be an excellent buy. It has some great features like three main compartments which can store all my textbooks, folders well, two front zippered pockets and a patented multi-purpose zip-away side pocket ideal for a water bottle or umbrella.

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