Should I be pinching off the stems of dying Nasturtium flowers?

There’s lots of Nasturtiums dying off and I have been pinching the stems off hoping they’ll re grow. There are small leaf and flower shoots but it still looks barer.



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    Before pinching off the stems, try figuring out why they are dying and fix it. Make sure they are getting enough sun, that the soil is good for nasturium grwoth (natural from garden), that you are nto over fertilizing, and that you are not over watering. By fixing the problem, they should be able to perk up or regrow. 

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    It depends on where you live, but the summer heat can be a cause for nasturtiums to have trouble. You can pinch off dead parts, but stems that are in the process of dying, but not completely dead, I’d leave alone, only because nasturtiums in particular like to be left alone. They say you should somewhat “neglect” them. 

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    Before pinching off dead-looking parts of any plant, it is important to ask yourself, “what is this part doing to the plant as a whole?” It could be that the plant is wasting energy trying to keep a certain part alive – a dying leaf, secondary stem, or flower – or, perhaps that part might still be contributing vital functions to the plant. Even yellowing leaves, for example, still go through photosynthesis and thus provide the plant with much needed energy.

    elifitz is correct, however, in recommending that you figure out the source of the problem before snipping away. Nutrient deficiency, watering practices, ability of soil to retain water, hours of direct sunlight… the variables are myriad, but go through them one by one.

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