Should hybrids be bundled with so many luxury features?



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    I will answer this question with my honest opinion. I believe that the only way to make these hybrids attractive to Americas, is to allow hybrids to come with upgraded luxury features that will make them more attractive. However, these should be optional and not forced upon consumers in the base price. 

    According to the Union of Unconcerned Scientists: “For a typical conventional vehicle, manufacturers offer a base model along with models that include more expensive options such as premium audio packages and upgraded seat covers. Consumers often don’t have the option of simply adding a hybrid system to a base model; instead, many hybrid models come with premium or upgraded features as standard equipment. These “forced features” inflate the cost of the hybrid, making it less economical to buyers.”

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    I agree that in order for the hybrid to compete with other cars coming out it will need to have luxury features available if the customer wants them. Hybrids lacking these features will probably be the deal breaker for many people, so having that option available to them will ensure they don’t lost the potential customer.

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